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The Perth Children’s Hospital and Diabetes WA camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre for kids with type 1 diabetes, ages 9-10 was a short three days (ending on 1 October) but jammed packed with fun-filled activities.

This year we organised a company to lead fun activities for the kids — from Morning Fitness and Witches/Wizard games to the Amazing Magical Race, Quiz Night and Dress Up Disco.

Our type 1 diabetes camps give children the opportunity to build their confidence being away from their families, having fun with their peers, being supported to focus on self-care while learning how to independently manage their diabetes throughout their stay. There were 34 troopers in attendance having fun, sharing and learning with their peers all living with type 1 diabetes.

The kids had a special visitor who spent some time chatting to them, sharing her story that living with diabetes hasn’t stopped her from doing what she wanted in life. Stay tuned as we share our guest speaker’s video interview soon!

We have camps for various ages. To learn more about our kids camps contact our HELPLINE at 1300 001 880 or contact

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