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Advocacy is defined as speaking on behalf of or in support of another person or policy.

At Diabetes WA we take advocacy seriously. We speak on behalf of and in support of the thousands of West Australian individuals and families affected by diabetes.

As well as helping individuals to resolve the everyday challenges of living and working with diabetes, we work hard at a state and national level to end the stigma that is still associated with diabetes and to promote equality, understanding and support for those living with the condition.

Over the years we have advocated for increased funding for type 2 diabetes prevention programs, better diabetes management in aged care, more support for children with diabetes transitioning to adult services and more funding and programs to help minimise the impact of diabetes on Aboriginal communities. These are but a few of the issues that we have spoken on.

We have also established the WA Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group, with the aim of raising awareness of the condition and its challenges among our State’s parliamentarians.

We will continue to be a strong voice for the WA diabetes community.

If you have an advocacy issue that you wish to speak to us about please email our advocacy team or call us on 1300 001 880.



Like other diabetes organisations around the world, Diabetes WA is committed to working with researchers and research institutions to enhance quality of life for all people living with diabetes.


Launched in 2013, the Diabetes WA Foundation funds a wide range of ‘real world’ solutions to the multiple and complex challenges posed by diabetes.

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