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“I lived for 29 years without this condition. It is hard to go from being completely healthy, to someone with a chronic illness…It is not something I would wish upon anyone.”Ashton faces her fears for diabetes WA in the 2019 HBF Run for a Reason

In 2016, two weeks before her 29th birthday, Ashton Reynolds was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and she had no idea what it was.

She was a very active person who loved going for long walks around Geraldton, where she lives.

After she was diagnosed, she would have a hypo every time she exercised so she stopped and gained 10kg over two years.

“Hypos are terrifying, so I just stopped exercising,” says Ashton. “I am the healthiest I have ever been, but also the heaviest.”

These days, Ashton has been working closely with her credentialled diabetes educator and has learnt how to manage her blood glucose levels whilst exercising and the tools needed to treat a hypo.

She is getting back into her walking, when the weather permits.  She is also training for the HBF Run for a Reason 4km run. However, her high intensity training is still home based.

“I have been training on my treadmill, I still feel safest to exercise in my house in case I have a hypo.” She says and hopes soon she can start jogging around her neighbourhood.

Ashton is determined to face her fears by completing the 4km distance of the HBF Run for a Reason on Sunday 19 May in Perth.

“I want to help inform people about all things diabetes,” she says, “It’s my turn to give back and who wouldn’t want to help make a change!”

To join Ashton, whilst supporting Western Australians living with diabetes, register for the HBF Run for a Reason and create a Diabetes WA fundraising page here.

To support Ashton, please donate to her fundraising page here

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