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Diabetes WA is supporting people living with type 2 diabetes to live their healthiest lives.

In January, Richard Moore who lives with type 2 diabetes, decided it was time to make a change to his life.

At the time, he weighed 120kg and was classified as extremely obese, he felt lethargic and wasn’t motivated to do much at all.He knew he needed to make a change and decided to change his diet by trying Hello Fresh with his wife and lost 2kg. This small win prompted him to really investigate how he was managing his diabetes. He booked into Diabetes WA’s DESMOND workshop for people living with type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes WA DESMOND participant Richard Moore with family

“I went to a full day diabetes session and learned so much about healthy and junk foods, blood pressure, sugar content in food and how to read food labels – something I still do.” He says.

The DESMOND workshops can help people living with type 2 diabetes to:
• develop a better understanding of diabetes
• lower their HbA1c – understand the numbers
• make balanced food choices
• share experiences with other people living with diabetes
He then added regular exercise, cycling and walking, to compliment my diet and the weight continued to decline.

To this day, Richard has lost 17.8kg. His blood glucose has dropped 4.5 points down to 5 and his resting heart rate from 92 to 68. “A big part of my success is the DESMOND day I attended back in March. I learned so much that day,” he says. “The downside is the cost of buying new clothes is outrageous but really satisfying!”

“Hopefully, with the support from my family, friends, and colleagues, as well as, my self-commitment I’ll get to 89kg – the weight I was in August 1995.” He says “I want to live to see my 11 and 13-year-old daughters graduate, get married and have children. “

The DESMOND workshops are held in over 40 different locations across Western Australia.
Anyone living with type 2 diabetes, who are registered for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), can attend DESMOND and bring along a support person.

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