Diabetes product stock update - Diabetes WA
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Diabetes WA is hearing that some consumers in WA are experiencing difficulty accessing NDSS products through some pharmacy Access Points.

Diabetes WA understands that some local wholesalers (the suppliers of NDSS products to WA pharmacy) may have limited stocks of some popular products and are awaiting re-stocking from the pharmaceutical company’s warehouses located on the east coast. These warehouses are reporting they have plenty of stock available.

If you are in WA and experiencing difficulties accessing your NDSS product supply, please telephone Diabetes WA on 1300 001 880. Diabetes WA’s shop holds some stocks which may be able to assist you. Alternatively Diabetes WA’s team we can help you identify potential alternative NDSS Access Points which have different wholesaler suppliers and therefore may have stock.

The Diabetes WA online shop is an NDSS Access Point and we also have experienced some supply difficulties ourselves.  However, we are working with suppliers and are getting new stock through every day.  You can order online at https://shop.diabeteswa.com.au/

Please note Diabetes WA is not supporting bulk purchases/inventory hoarding. Many of the NDSS products have expiry dates which mean large inventories will likely expire before usage.

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