Diabetes WA to build Aboriginal health workforce for regional and remote communities hit hard by type 2 diabetes - Diabetes WA
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To mark the World Diabetes Day, 14 November, Diabetes WA has announced its plans to provide 10 training scholarships to Aboriginal Health Workers to help some of WA’s most vulnerable people. This World Diabetes Day, Diabetes WA is fundraising to build and Aboriginal Workforce specialising in diabetes.

“Diabetes is having a disproportionate impact on Aboriginal people across Western Australia, with some Aboriginal communities having up to 30% of people living with type 2 diabetes,” says General Manager for Health Services, Deb Schofield. “Our General Practitioners and Remote Area Nurses do a fantastic job but they can’t keep
up and need the support of locally trained Aboriginal Health Workers who are specialised in diabetes, “she continues.

By providing diabetes-specific training to Aboriginal Health Workers they can help diagnose diabetes earlier and help people better self-manage their condition – one of the most effective ways to avoid complications, stay out of hospital and live a full life.

Diabetes WA is looking to train and accredit Aboriginal Health Workers in the new Aboriginal DESMOND program. This program has been co-designed and culturally adapted by Diabetes WA and Aboriginal communities across WA. The scholarship includes a week of program training, and two years of remote mentoring and support by Diabetes WA’s qualified health professionals and accredited training team.

Aboriginal DESMOND is the first of its kind in Australia and provides a pathway for Aboriginal Health Workers to be trained to deliver diabetes education that is regionally tailored for their own community. Diabetes WA’s own Natalie Jetta is the world’s first Aboriginal Health Worker to become an accredited DESMOND educator.

It costs around $6000 to train and accredit one Aboriginal Health Worker to be able to deliver Diabetes WA’s Aboriginal DESMOND program.Currently this program isn’t funded by government and Diabetes WA is calling on Western Australians to help Diabetes WA support all people across our vast state living with diabetes.

For more information about the program and how you can support all Western Australians living with diabetes, please visit our fundraising page or call the Diabetes WA helpline on 1300 001 880.

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