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Woman using continuous glucose monitor

Diabetes WA welcomes a bipartisan commitment to lower the cost for vital technology that will make a profound difference to thousands of West Australians living with type 1 diabetes.

Both Liberal and Labor parties have made an election commitment to provide subsidised access to continuous glucose monitoring and flash glucose monitoring technology for all Australians living with type 1 diabetes. This means thousands of West Australians – regardless of their birthdate or bank balance – will now have access to technology that they had to previously pay for.

Melanie Gates, CEO of Diabetes WA, says this is a great win for the type 1 community.

“Diabetes WA has long been calling for better, equitable access to vital technology for West Australians with type 1 – our thanks to all the organisations and individuals who helped make this happen,” Ms Gates says.

“Right now, a Continuous Glucose Monitor can cost someone living with diabetes as much as $5000 a year. Cheaper and wider access to this technology means fewer health complications, better long-term outcomes and an easing of the burden on our health system.”

Currently 30% of WA Hospital admissions are diabetes related with another 28 West Australians being diagnosed with diabetes every day. Diabetes WA works closely with people living with type 1 diabetes, using this technology and we look forward to expanding this support.

“We know this announcement will have a profound impact on the lives of thousands of West Australians,” Ms Gates says. “Diabetes WA will be working hard to make sure this change is implemented effectively to guarantee quick and easy access for those who need it.”


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