Ditch the sugar-free eggs this Easter - Diabetes WA
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Forgetting the sugar-free chocolate eggs and indulging in a small amount of the ‘real thing’ is the best choice this Easter according to Diabetes WA.

Sugar-free chocolate eggs are often considered the healthy choice for Easter, especially for people living with diabetes, but Narelle Lampard, Diabetes Educator and Dietitian, says there is no benefit to eating them.

“Sugar-free chocolate often has just as much, if not more, fat than standard chocolate and can often have an unpleasant laxative effect,’ said Mrs Lampard.

“It is best to eat a smaller amount of the real thing and truly enjoy it, keeping mind the additional exercise required to burn it off!”

Chocolate is deceivingly full of fat, sugar and empty calories, so keep in mind the amount of exercise you must do to burn off your favourite egg or bunny. Let’s take a look at how much additional exercise is required to burn off some of our favourite Easter treats!

  • 1x 40g Cadbury Cream Egg = 30 minutes brisk walking
  • 1x 100g Lindt milk chocolate bunny = 40 minutes moderate-intensity cycling
  • 1x Chocolate hot cross bun with butter = 75 minutes vigorous cleaning
  • 5x Cadbury mini eggs = 20 minutes slow swimming

So remember; if you wish to indulge in a few of your favourite chocolates over the Easter break, make it count and eat mindfully. This includes eating slowly, savouring the flavour, eating off a plate (not out of a bag or packet) and not going back for seconds.

Remember: Boosting your physical activity levels will help to compensate for the additional KJ’s, so don’t be afraid to get your sweat on to burn off those extra sweets!

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