Do glucose levels affect your driving? - Diabetes WA
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Would you like to know how high blood glucose levels affect your capacity to drive?

The University of WA researchers are looking for people with type 1 diabetes aged between 20 and 50 to take part in their new study using a driving simulator.

The study aims to better understand how diabetes and high blood glucose levels affect attention, executive functions and driving performance.

Each testing session should take no longer than 90 minutes.

Participants will be asked to consume a tasteless liquid, rest one hour and perform some psychological exercises to investigate cognitive function.

They will then operate a driving simulator – which uses three monitors showing 135 degree frontal and peripheral vision – and respond to dots appearing in the periphery of their vision and answer some simple maths questions.

Any costs involved with transport or accommodation will be reimbursed.

Contact Georgia Varnavides (0430 088 349 or or Professor Paul A. Fournier (6488 1356 or

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