Education evaluation program receives international attention - Diabetes WA
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Last week Natasha Watson represented Diabetes WA and the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) at the International Diabetes Federation Congress in Abu Dhabi. She was invited to the conference to present the NDSS National Evaluation Framework, which measures the quality and outcomes of NDSS programs delivered nationally, such as DESMOND and the SMARTS.

“For the first time, we are measuring the impact of all NDSS self-management diabetes education programs in a structured and systematic way across Australia. All programs were required to be assessed against, and meet, the NDSS standards for self-management education, which tells us the programs are aligned with concepts shown to be associated with improved outcomes for people living with diabetes” Natasha explained.

Natasha is the Research and Evaluation Manager at Diabetes WA. Diabetes Australia has contracted the Diabetes WA evaluation team to produce the National Evaluation Framework on behalf of the NDSS. The framework measures significant and tangible education outcomes, including how empowered participants become to manage their diabetes, and whether they are feeling less diabetes-specific distress following participation in a program.

The conference attracted over 5000 people from 152 countries. A number of representatives from other countries expressed a strong interest in learning from Australia’s achievement of a national evaluation framework, including Denmark, the Netherlands, Korea and South Africa. Many commented on the magnitude of such a feat, in gaining consistency in the quality of programs across the country and consensus in evaluation tools and processes.


National Evaluation Framework

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