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Mobile tracker-tools are a good way to help manage your diabetes and keep track of your health, especially if you need prompting when it comes to checking your blood glucose, help when counting carbohydrates, or need to know how many calories you’ve consumed or burnt during a workout. Check out these five apps that could help make managing diabetes day-to-day a little easier.

The fitness and food tracker: My Fitness Pal
Unless you keep a food diary, it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve eaten throughout the day. Enter My Fitness Pal – a comprehensive food and exercise tracker that not only helps you track how many calories you’ve consumed over the day, but also factors in your workouts to your energy expenditure. You can also set a weight loss goal, or set how many calories you want to stick to each day.
The carb tracker: DietSensor
Counting carbs is particularly important if you have insulin-dependent diabetes, but DietSensor removes some of the guesswork by helping you track exactly how much you’ve eaten and when. This evidence-based app can be used as a carb counter to help you manage your insulin and also gives you four goals (protein, fat, carbohydrates and calories) to work towards for your next meal, and helps you reach the goal without exceeding the limit. You can manually search for ingredients using a food and beverage database of more than 600,000 items, or you can scan the barcode.
The grocery shop tracker: FoodSwitch
Take the stress out of your weekly grocery shop with this clever app, which can help you find the healthiest option when it comes to reading the ever-confusing nutrition labels. Simply scan the barcode of the food product, and FoodSwitch will bring up the healthiest option.
The habit tracker: stickK 
Designed by behavioural economists from Yale University, stickK helps you work towards your goal using the power of incentive to help you build a habit. Simply set your goal and describe what actions you’re going to take to make it happen, and you’ve made a ‘commitment contract’ between the ‘current you’ and ‘future you’ which prompts you to stay in line.
The blood glucose tracker: Glucose Buddy
This award-winning app tracks your blood glucose, insulin, medication, food, exercise and more, and can be accessed anytime anywhere on your smartphone. Other features of the app include setting a reminder throughout the day to help you remember when to test your BGL, and gaining detailed insights into daily health trends.

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