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Fruit Pikelets

Enjoy this delightful recipe all year round. Whether enjoying it as a nice warm treat in winter or serving it up as delicious summer snack this recipe is a much healthier alternative to rich cakes and biscuits.


0.5 cups wholemeal self raising flour
0.5 cups self-raising flour
0.25 cups sugar
0.5 cups sultanas
1 egg
0.75 cups Sanitarium So Good soy milk
1 tablespoon margarine


  1. Sift flours into bowl, add sugar and sultanas
  2. Combine lightly beaten egg, So Good soy milk and melted margarine
  3. Gradually beat liquid ingredients into dry ingredients, mixing until batter is smooth
  4. Heat lightly, greased frypan
  5. Place teaspoon of mixture in pan
  6. Cook until bubbles appear on top, turn and cook the other side
  7. Serve with sliced strawberries and blueberries. Drizzle with a little honey
  8. Makes 20 pikelets.


Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Company

Dietitians Note

This recipe is lower in fat, especially saturated fat, than your typical cake, biscuit and snack foods. Remember to still to moderate your serve size.

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