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Can anyone become a member of Diabetes WA?

Yes anyone can be a member. Membership is particularly valuable for those who live with, or are at risk of, diabetes. If you have someone in your family living with diabetes, a Diabetes WA membership will help you to better understand and support your loved one.

Our members are very important to us and we work hard to offer great service and support to everyone who has committed to our organisation in this way.

I am already a member of the National Diabetes Services Scheme, what is the difference?

As a member of the National Diabetes Services Scheme you have access to essential diabetes products at discounted prices or for free – depending on what you are buying. The NDSS is a Federal Government Funded initiative.

Diabetes WA complements the NDSS by providing support, services, education and programs that are essential to your living well with diabetes.

Where does money raised from my membership go?

Funds from membership subscriptions go directly towards making a positive difference to people with or at risk of diabetes. The funds are also used to run much needed prevention programs.

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How else can I get involved?

Your membership really helps Diabetes WA to continue our work and we appreciate your support.  However there are many other ways you can get involved with our organisation including fundraising, donations and volunteering.

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Can my membership be transferred interstate?

Yes, we can transfer your membership between other states but there are some conditions that apply. Call 1300 001 880 to find out more.

How do you communicate with me?

Most of our communication is currently by mail although this is becoming increasingly expensive and not as effective as alternative methods.

Our preferred means of communication is email, it saves time and money and means we can manage your queries almost instantly.

We will also use SMS and phone on occasions. To help us communicate with you in this way please ensure we have your current email address and/or mobile number.

Read more about updating your details.

Is my information kept private?

Your personal details remain confidential at all times. We adhere to the Diabetes WA privacy policy and state and government privacy guidelines.

Your information will not be disclosed to any third party but may be used by Diabetes WA for the provision of our services. Your general details may be used to make up your profile that enables us to send information to you that is relevant and timely.

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