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People love setting goals for the New Year, with resolutions ranging from the wallet to the waistline.

Unfortunately, many of these resolutions become empty promises or are highly unrealistic from the start. Carly Luff, credentialled diabetes educator from Diabetes WA, gives her advice for setting goals related to diabetes management.

“If you are setting a goal you don’t really want to achieve it is unlikely that you will succeed” says Carly, “It is important to break goals down, so you have a realistic plan for achieving goals.”

Carly suggests using the SMARTER model for goal setting:

Specific – Make sure your goals are detailed and specific. “I’ll eat better” just won’t work!

Monitor- Testing blood glucoses levels, cholesterol and blood pressure all provide feedback to how you are going with your diabetes management. If your goals are around exercise or healthy eating, why not try counting steps or keeping a food diary?

Actions – There are tasks you need to achieve to work towards your goal. These may be physical, or just simple self-talk to remind yourself of your goal.

Realistic – Make sure you’re your goals are challenging enough so you get a sense of achievement but not so hard that you set yourself up to fail.

Time Limited – Make sure you give yourself time to achieve your goal.

Expect Problems –Expecting problems means you can create contingency plans for when things go wrong.

Review – Reviewing your actions means you can see what has been successful and what needs to change to achieve your goal.

For more information about setting goals, try Diabetes WA’s free ‘Smarts’ workshops. The ‘Smarts’ are 2-3 hour group sessions to help people set goals for their diabetes management.

To find a workshop near you, please call Diabetes WA on 1300 001 880 or visit

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