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A knee problem has meant a break from hiking for DENISE BROWNSDON. She writes about the long road to getting back out on the track.

Denise Brownsdon gets back on the trail.

This year, I’ve been briefly slowed down in my hiking adventures. I have a slight issue with my patella (kneecap) that required a cortisone injection. It’s a simple and easy procedure but to get the most out of it I have had to modify what exercises I do for a few months.

That means there’s no jogging or jumping for me and the weights I lift have been reduced. I’m now focusing on strengthening my quads because my sports doctor has said this will help me. Genetics plays a big part

in knee issues but so does excess weight (which I have) and a lack of muscle. Learning this has given me the motivation I need to focus on really building up my quads over the next few months and dropping some more weight.

Although I’m not able to hike on uneven terrain for now, that doesn’t mean I need to stop entirely! I keep to more level surfaces for now but after one week of rest I was back to doing three to five km walks.

Every Sunday morning my friend and I go for a walk around a local park and then we stop in at the community market they hold there. We grab our fresh produce and then sit back to enjoy a coffee.

My current exercise regime means I’m doing a cardio and weight circuit Mondays and Wednesdays, an upper body weights session on Tuesdays, walks on Fridays and Sundays and leg weights on Saturday. This might sound like a lot, but it’s actually doable, even if you do have to factor in a full- time job! I work five days in an office so being active outside of work is very important to me. If you are looking for a way to get moving and improve your fitness, one easy to way to get started is by increasing your step count. To do this, just set a goal for each day and stick to it!

I am hoping I’ll soon by back on my feet properly and getting out on the hiking trail. Check in next issue and I should have some more hiking adventures to share with you. Until then – if you are wanting something fun to do, book yourself on a hike with the Hike Collective (their gift cards make ideal Christmas pressies if you have friend or family looking to get out into nature).

If you don’t have a friend or family member to go with you on one of their hikes, don’t be afraid to go it alone because you’ll certainly make new friends on the day! They have so many different hikes to choose from and I have already picked a few more that I will be heading out on as soon as I can.

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