Kids go 'wild' at school holiday camp - Diabetes WA
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It was all fun and games for children, living with type 1 diabetes, during the school holidays at the Wild Wild West Kids Camp.

Diabetes WA and Perth Children’s Hospital hosted a three-day camp for children, aged 11 and 12, living with type 1 diabetes.Diabetes WA hosts Kids Camp for kids living with type 1 in Perth

The camp is  designed to give children living with type 1 diabetes the opportunity to try new things in a safe and structured environment.

They had a great time taking part in activities on the beach as well as craft and performing arts. These activities allowed them to develop their leadership and team building skills.

It was also a great opportunity to have fun with other kids in a similar situation to them. For many participants, this is their only chance to meet other kids living with type 1 diabetes.

“Diabetes should not stop children, living with diabetes, from enjoying experiences that children not living with diabetes take for granted.” Says Sophie McGough, Health Services Operations Manager at Diabetes WA.

To increase their skills, confidence and independence in managing their diabetes, the children also attended formal and informal education sessions structured to increase their understanding of type 1 diabetes in various situations.

Through fundraising, Diabetes WA was also able to fund one child from Kalgoorlie to attend the camp, all expenses paid including travel and accommodation for their parents whilst in Perth.

The camp ran from 1 – 4 October 2019 at Woodman Point Recreational Camp and was partly funded through Lottery West.



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