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Are your taking your tootsies for granted? Do you know how to take care of your feet? Do you know how to choose footwear to protect your feet?

Living with diabetes means living with an increased risk of foot problems – it is estimated that 15 per cent of people living with diabetes will develop a food ulcer in their lifetime. Good foot care is an important part of managing diabetes to reduce the chance of this happening to you.

FootSmart is a short course that gives you hands on, practical information and skills to support you in developing good foot care routines that will help you avoid future foot problems.

FootSmart covers:

  • how high blood glucose levels can reduce the blood circulation and cause nerve damage in your feet
  • the importance of daily foot care routines and what to look for
  • how to choose well-fitting shoes
  • how to select the right shoe (and sock) for the job
  • how to manage an injury or infection and when to seek medical attention
  • the importance of finding a podiatrist and having regular foot checks.

Ultimately FootSmart will enable you to take the best care of your feet, so that you can protect them, keep them healthy and really put your best foot forward.

For people living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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