National Diabetes Week 2017 - Diabetes WA
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The clock is ticking…

There are about 100,000 Western Australians unknowingly living with type 2 diabetes.

Many people live up to seven years with the condition – and develop at least one serious complication – before being diagnosed. Meanwhile, one in five people end up in hospital with diabetes ketoacidosis after they fail to recognise the early symptoms of type 1 diabetes such as fatigue, thirst and weight loss.

National Diabetes Week is just around the corner from July 9-15 and this year’s theme is It’s About Time.  Diabetes WA is striving for greater awareness of symptoms, earlier diagnosis and better long-term health outcomes for every person at risk of developing or already living with diabetes.

It’s about time Western Australians prioritised their health.

Watch this space for updates on the campaign and events taking place in your area.

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