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DWA and Team Care Arrangements

Diabetes WA employs both credentialled diabetes educator and accredited practising dietitians, who all hold Medicare Provider Numbers.

You can refer your patients to one of our staff as part of a team care arrangement or review.

Please be aware that there is a gap, payable by the patient, associated with our services.

Credentialled diabetes educator

Our credentialled diabetes educators are experienced professionals who can provide your patients with the education they need to better manage their condition. They can teach your patients about:

  • monitoring their own blood glucose levels (BGLs)
  • oral hypoglycaemic agents
  • insulin initiation and titration
  • sick day rules
  • hypoglycaemia recognition and management
  • complication risk management.

If you want to know more about what a credentialled diabetes educator can offer visit the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (external site).

Accredited practising dietitians

Our accredited practising dietitians are experienced in providing tailored nutritional assessments and advice. They can help your patients to better understand their dietary requirements and make healthier food choices. They can also educate your patients on the following:

  • influence of nutrition on blood glucose control
  • carbohydrate counting and information
  • weight management
  • blood lipid management
  • complication management
  • hypoglycaemia recognition and management
  • other related health issues.

For further information on the services our credentialled diabetes educators or accredited practising dietitians can offer please send our educators team an email or call us on 1300 001 880.

If you want to know more about what an accredited practising dietitian can offer please visit the Dietitians Associations of Australia (external site).


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