Workplace POWER Case Study – All Earth Group

In June 2015, All Earth Group (a civil contracting, logistics, materials and stabilisation company) recognised the health issues facing their workforce and piloted the Workplace POWER program.

All Earth Group chief executive officer Stephen Pollard was the driver and participant of the program.

‘The reality is this industry is not renowned for being health conscious. It breeds bulletproof men,’ Stephen said.

During the 12-week program AEG employees used the Workplace POWER information and tools to make important lifestyle changes. By following the self-directed program, individual employees took on the responsibility for choosing which unhealthy behaviours to change.

As individuals they chose what foods and drinks they could cut down on  but not cut out. As a group, they reported some fantastic results.

Before: Average BMI 37
Post program: Average BMI 35.6.

Before: 66.7% meeting exercise guidelines.
Post program: 100% meeting guidelines.

Before:7.1 standard drinks per day.
Post program:2.2 drinks per day.

Before: 20% eating 2 serves of fruit.
Post program: 40% eating 2 serves of fruit.

Before: Average sitting time 384 mins.
Post program: Average sitting time 288 mins.

Before: Average of 4.4 fatigue rating.
Post program: Average of 3.2 fatigue rating.

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