Research Summary: Coping skills education for school aged children with type 1 diabetes shows positive results - Diabetes WA
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Chinese researchers have determined that school-aged children living with type 1 diabetes benefitted from attending a Coping Skills Training Program in a randomised clinical trial in China.

Results suggested that school-aged children with type 1 diabetes can improve their psychosocial and diabetes self-management outcomes by partaking in coping skills education and training.  The program includes learning tools and strategies that can be used to handle difficult emotions, decrease stress, and establish or maintain a sense of internal order.

The primary outcomes measured in the study included perceived stress, coping, and self-efficacy whilst secondary outcomes evaluated diabetes self-management, quality of life, and HbA1c, with a significant increase in positive coping and diabetes self-management being noted.

Interestingly, adolescents within the same study showed no significant improvement in outcomes as a result of receiving the same coping skills training so further research is required to develop programs and interventions that will improve the outcomes in adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

Read the study here.

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