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People who experience depression could be at greater risk of developing diabetes according to a narrative review published in Diabetic Medicine.

Researchers examined 25 years of psychosocial research with findings suggesting the prevalence of depression was two to three times higher among people living with diabetes compared to those without the condition. The review also found those who were diagnosed with depression were around 37 to 38 per cent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, with mixed evidence indicating antidepressants may also play a role in increasing the risk of type 2.

It was concluded that depression appeared to be more persistent and recurrent in people with type 2 diabetes.

If left untreated, the long-term impacts on people with diabetes and depression can lead to decreased quality of life and put them at greater risk of microvascular and macrovascular complications as well as a decline in cognitive function. Researchers also discovered that depression could negatively impact self-care behaviours and diabetes management, particularly in relation to maintaining a healthy diet, taking medication, keeping up with blood glucose monitoring and attending health appointments.

Mental health is the theme for this year’s National Diabetes Week in July, so stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Source: Diabetic Medicine Journal

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