Research Summary: Type 1 teenagers sleep better with a sleep education program - Diabetes WA
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It is acknowledged that teenagers (aged 13-17yo) living with type 1 diabetes often experience higher levels of sleep disturbance compared to other type 1 diabetes age groups, usually due to fluctuating levels of glycaemic management during the night.

In a recent pilot study by researchers from the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, Tennessee, scientists compared the effects of providing sleep education coaching to a random group of  T1 young adults against another T1 group that received only their standard care and routine, with no additional sleep training.

The teenagers that participated in the sleep coaching group were provided with educational sleep resources which covered sleep science, behaviour and hygiene.  They also completed three individual sleep education sessions via telephone with a health professional.

Researchers concluded that a significant improvement in both sleep duration (average 48 minute increase) and sleep quality were outcomes for those teenagers who had received the sleep coaching. In contrast, those without sleep coaching were 7.5 times more likely to report poor sleep quality.  Interestingly, no change in either groups HbA1c levels was noted.

Read the study here.


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