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Australian diabetes researchers have conducted a study that found that adults living with type 1 diabetes using a hybrid closed-loop system for insulin delivery had better diabetes-related outcomes– both HbA1c and time-in-target-range measurements when compared to those receiving treatment as usual.

The results of the JDRF-funded at-home clinical trial, which was conducted over a six month period, demonstrated significant and sustained glycaemic benefit when using closed-loop technology compared with standard therapy.

The outcome of the study was presented by Professor David O’Neal from St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne at both the 2020 American Diabetes Association (ADA) Virtual Conference and the 2020 Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).

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The results can inform adults living with type 1 diabetes (and health professionals) when choosing insulin delivery systems and devices – in particular when weighing up the additional cost of closed-loop systems.

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Source JDRF and ADA

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