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Have you or a loved one taken advantage of the recent Federal Government CGM subsidy initiative? A CGM has the potential to change the lives of young people with type 1 diabetes and their carers, but it’s important to know how to correctly use it.

It has come to the attention of Diabetes WA that there may be confusion amongst CGM users about how often to change the transmitters on their CGM. Here’s the facts;



The glucose sensor is the tiny electrode that sits under your skin and measures your glucose levels.

Timespan: Each glucose sensor can be worn for around one week, depending on the product manufacturer (see table below). Glucose sensors have a 6-month expiration date from the time they are manufactured. The expiration date is on the outside of the glucose sensor box and on each individual glucose sensor package.



The transmitter is the small, lightweight device that attaches to the glucose sensor, gathers your glucose data, and sends it wirelessly to the larger monitoring and display device.

Timespan: If used continuously, the transmitter has a life of approximately 3-12 months, depending on the product manufacturer (see table below).


Know your Device

The below information specifies the usage timeframes and the compatible sensors and transmitters for each CGM device.  The lifespan field shows how long each sensor and transmitter should be used for, this is not to say that the sensor or transmitter will cease to function after these timeframes, it is the recommended timeframes supplied by the manufacturer.

Product type NDSS

Product Code

Product name Lifespan
Transmitter 900 Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Transmitter 6 Months
Transmitter 905 Dexcom G5 Mobile Transmitter 3 Months
Transmitter 915 Guardian 2 Link Transmitter 12 Months
Transmitter 920 Minilink Transmitter 12 Months
Transmitter 925 Guardian Connect Transmitter 12 Months
Sensor 910 Dexcom G4/G5 PLATINUM Sensor 7 Days
Sensor 930 Medtronic Enlite Sensor 6 Days

** Please note the Guardian 2 Link, Guardian Connect & Minilink Transmitter have a 12 month warranty, they do not stop working once ‘activated’ at exactly 12 months. **


For further information on how to use your CGM contact our DIAL team on 1300 001 880

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