VideoCall Dial-in

Dial into Telehealth

Dial into Telehealth

After having booked an appointment, start your video call here.

For general information about Telehealth, how it works and how to book an appointment, please click here.


Do you have an appointment and are you ready to make a video call?

Please use the Google Chrome browser.

Just press the“Start video call” button.  You don’t need to press the “Test call” button beforehand – testing the web-camera, microphone and speakers is part of the dial-in process.

Do you want to test if you could use the technology but don’t have an appointment yet?

Please use the Google Chrome browser.

Press the “Test call” button to ensure your web-camera, microphone and speakers work correctly. Note: This test does not actually make a call.

More information

Download an overview of what you need to do to make a video call (pdf 127KB).

Having problems after making a test call? Read the troubleshoot guide.

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