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WA drivers with diabetes are urged to contact DoT if their license is up for renewal.

The Department of Transport is urging Western Australians living with diabetes who require medical clearance to renew their driver’s licence to call its customer contact centre to discuss their options before heading to their GP. 

People living with diabetes are required to inform the Department of Transport of their diagnosiseven if the condition is managed by diet and exercise alone.  

Those who use insulin to manage their diabetes are required to undergo an assessment every two years to confirm whether they are fit to drive, while for those who use other medications to manage the condition, that requirement is every five years. 

However, in light of the current circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes efforts to maintain social distancing, the department has acknowledged that attending a medical assessment in person may be problematic. 

In a statement to Diabetes WA, the department has advised that it is now encouraging drivers who require these assessments to first call the customer contact centre to  discuss what options are available to them. 

“These options will be tailored to suit individual customers based on their personal circumstances, and where possible, will take into account their previous medical reports. The department will then contact each customer personally to discuss their individual cases.” 

Diabetes WA chief executive officer Andrew Wagstaff has welcomed the move. 

“The Department has a longstanding obligation to ensuring road safety for all users, and that can not be compromised,” he said.  

“But in these difficult times, it makes sense to really consider who truly needs to be showing up at their GP for a medical assessment.” 

It is also worth noting that it is considered an offence if people do not notify DoT of their medical condition, such as diabetes, and failure to do so could result in a fine. 

Those who are due to renew their medical clearance to drive and would like to discuss their options for their driver’s licence renewal can contact the DoT customer contact centre on 13 11 56. 

For more information about mandatory reporting of medical conditions, visit the DoT website here. Read more about diabetes and driving here.

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