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It takes Baby Steps to walk away after gestational diabetes…

Baby StepsDiabetes WA in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Health has an exciting opportunity for Australian women over the age of 18 who had gestational diabetes during their pregnancy and have given birth within the last 12 months to participate in a pilot for a new online lifestyle program “Baby Steps”.

Research shows that women who have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy are three to seven times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes within five to 10 years of giving birth. Originally developed by the Leicester Diabetes Centre in the UK, Baby Steps is an online structured education and behavioural change program for women and is designed to help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Baby Steps contains health trackers, learning sessions, videos, a personalized goal setting component and promotes the involvement of peers to create a community of support and motivation to assist each participant. Users can easily access up-to-date information tailored to their health goals and individual circumstances. This includes the ability to:

  • monitor their step count and sync it with Fitbit or Google Fit wearable technology;
  • set goals and monitor progress;
  • keep a track of HbA1c, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and waist size management and activity levels;
  • share views and experiences with other BabySteps users in a peer support chat forum;
  • invite their friends and family to support them on their journey; and
  • ask a health professional any questions they may have;

Expressions of interest are being gathered from Australian women over the age of 18, who have experienced gestational diabetes and given birth within the past 12 months and are willing to use, review and provide valuable feedback on the Australian version of the program.

The pilot program invites women to use and explore the program for four weeks at their own pace – via either smartphone, tablet or computer. Your valuable feedback will help to make sure that Baby Steps is relevant and effective for Australian women before a national rollout next year.

If you are interested in finding out more about the pilot, please email or call 1300 001 880.

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