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Workshops during coronavirus outbreak

With the continued easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Diabetes WA is resuming face-to-face workshops for people living with diabetes from July.

Diabetes WA has a comprehensive COVID-19 plan in place to keep you safe during your workshop, strictly following the WA Roadmap and including elements such as:

All booked venues have a COVID-19 safety plan, and sufficient space for social distancing according to government rules

  • We have adapted the room setup and delivery method of workshops if necessary, to ensure hygiene and social distancing guidelines can be followed
  • We will ask attendees some questions as they arrive at workshop, and ask anyone feeling unwell or at risk of carrying COVID-19 not to attend
  • We will be practicing safe hygiene during the workshop including cleaning of surfaces and the provision of hand sanitiser
  • Having a plan in case someone starts to feel unwell during the workshop

There are some members of our community who are at higher risk of serious illness should they contract COVID-19. People who fit into any of the following categories should take extra care to protect themselves from infection (this may mean not attending workshops at the moment):

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes
  • People 65 years and older with chronic medical conditions
  • People 70 years and older
  • People with compromised immune systems.

If you have any questions about your safety when attending one of our workshops, please call 1300 001 880 and ask to speak to a Diabetes Educator.


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