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If you spend your days on the road, it’s likely you will come up against some additional challenges when it comes to managing your diabetes. Here’s some ideas on dealing with some common problems.

Unhealthy food options

Convenience or ‘truck stop’ foods are often high in saturated fat, added sugar and salt. It is easy to ‘grab and go’ but taking a few minutes to pack some healthy snacks or meals ahead of time can make a huge difference to your blood glucose and your waist line. Snacks such as hard boiled eggs, vegetable sticks and hummus, or fruit with nut butter take no time at all to prepare, and you then only need a place to keep them cool. For more ideas check out our Healthy Snacks factsheet.

Prolonged sitting

There’s not much you can do about this, so it’s important to make the most of your rest stops by walking, stretching or doing strength exercises like squats. Not only will this help to get your blood pumping and make you feel more alert, but it also increases the amount of energy you use during the day. On your days off, try to fit in some physical activity as this will better prepare your body for the next bout of increased sitting.

Deadlines and inflexible working hours

Increased stress and disrupted sleep schedules can play havoc on energy levels and blood glucose management. It can also make it hard to attend individual health appointments or group programs. Find your way of dealing with stress and ensuring your health is a priority. You may like to try out My Healthy Balance, a free online program that can be completed at your own pace.

Medications and driving

Are you familiar with the phrase Above 5 to Drive? Certain medications can increase your risk of hypoglycaemia, which in turn affects your fitness to drive. Make sure you know what precautions you need to take – read the Diabetes and Driving booklet and stay safe on the road.

Remember, you can always speak to one of our credentialled diabetes educators on our helpline if you have any questions or concerns about managing your diabetes. Call us on 1300 001 880 (Mon -Fri between 8.30am and 4.30pm).

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