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There is a variety of resources from the NDSS suitable for health professionals. Access NDSS Health Professional resources, forms, and programs here.

Health professionals who are authorised to certify NDSS forms can now complete forms online through the NDSS Health Professional Portal.

Diabetes WA

Diabetes WA have a number of resources that may assist you to support people living with diabetes. To order resources please visit the Diabetes WA shop or read the information below.

Glucose Diaries

We have developed glucose diaries that are suitable for people living with diabetes whether they use insulin or not. Each diary comes with a handy ‘how to’ guide at the front to help them get the most out of using the diary and a pocket to hold important documents.

Individual diaries are available to purchase in our shop or contact training@diabeteswa.com.au for bulk orders.

Healthy Tucker Guide and Injecting Insulin Guide

These two guides are packed with important information for anyone living with diabetes wanting to make healthy food choices, or those learning to inject insulin. Codesigned by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people via community consultation, and supported through an independent grant from Sanofi, our Healthy Tucker Guide and Injecting Insulin Guide are go-to resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples learning how to manage their diabetes.

These guides are simple and easy to read with informative pictures throughout.

Insulin Guide:

This guide will help your patient monitor their insulin injections, and to record any thoughts, feelings, and questions they may have about this process. It also contains information on low blood glucose levels and managing hypos, as well as a step-by-step guide detailing how to check and administer insulin and safe sharps disposal practice.

Healthy Tucker Guide:

Diet is an important element when it comes to managing diabetes. This guide will support your patients to make healthy food choices, rather than opting for high fat alternatives.

Our print design was created by Aboriginal artist Rebecca Morgan.