Diabetes WA


Our Mission

Our mission is to support people living with or affected by diabetes and suffering from related chronic conditions through undertaking activities directly or through financial support of other organisations with similar goals.

This takes in thousands of Western Australians and their families and we do our best to make sure we provide them with the all of the information and support they need to enjoy a full life.



Promoting, providing and coordinating services to those living with diabetes and/or related chronic conditions as well as those identified as at risk of diabetes.

Advocating on matters relevant to those whose health is affected by diabetes, those with a related chronic condition or those who are at risk of diabetes.

Collaborating in, engaging in and funding research related to services that prevent or reduce the impact of diabetes and/or its related chronic conditions.

Providing information, education and interaction about prevention in people with diabetes related conditions, or people who are at risk of diabetes.

Supporting the development of capacity within the health system to maximise the quality and availability of service options to those with diabetes and/or related conditions as well as those at risk of diabetes



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