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Diabetes WA develops partnerships with those who share our vision for sustainable, cost-effective, equitable, consumer-driven health services.

Our partnerships with the health system, academia and business, enable us to grow our service reach into every Western Australian community.

An investment in Diabetes WA services is an investment in improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Western Australians impacted
by diabetes.

Find out more about how you can partner with us in our Partnerships Brochure

There are different ways to partner with Diabetes WA:

Service support

Provide funds and resources to expand access to workshops, consultations, Telehealth and information sessions.

Project support

Provide technology, skills, networks and collaboration opportunities to develop innovative programs and services.

Research collaboration

Partner with Diabetes WA and our links with academia to fund behavioural research which will help improve programs and services.

Campaign support

Provide funds or access to media to help raise awareness and engagement in the growing diabetes crisis amongst the community and health professionals.


Donate untied funds and resources to Diabetes WA, to help Diabetes WA invest where the support is most needed.


Raise funds amongst staff and customers to raise awareness about diabetes and provide vital funds to support programs and services.

We understand that a true, long term partnership is an equal relationship where both parties benefit.

We tailor support opportunities and other benefits to align with your goals:


After 50 years as part of WA’s health services, our
reputation and extensive reach will promote your support across the State.

Corporate Social Responsibility goals

Your support for our services will change lives by helping us improve quality of life and health outcomes across the State, including in rural and remote and Aboriginal communities.

Staff and Customers

Around 15% of your staff, customers and communities in
which you operate use or need our support. Our workplace and community programs will improve knowledge and peer support for your staff and customers living with, at risk of, or affected by diabetes.

Social license

An investment in Diabetes WA’s services is an investment in the community you operate in.

Find out more about how you can partner with us in our Partnerships Brochure

To find out more, please contact the General Manager, Marketing and Communications by calling 08 9436 6213
or emailing [email protected]


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