The Personal Impact of Diabetes

Diabetes has no known cure, requires lifelong management and can be overwhelming.

Without the right support and management, or left undiagnosed, diabetes can lead to life-changing complications, the impacts of which are often underestimated.

In Australia 65% of Australian cardiovascular disease deaths and 60% of amputations are due to diabetes. 30% of hospital beds are filled due to diabetes complications.

Managing diabetes is hard, doesn’t stop, and can be overwhelming. Many feel stigmatised by their diabetes and many keep their struggles to themselves.

Managing diabetes well is hard and considerably impacts personal lives and mental health. It requires a 24/7 365 days a year commitment to healthy eating, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, medication, regular medical check-ups, as well as problem solving and healthy coping.

People face an estimated 180 diabetes-related decisions every day with 37 per cent feeling burnt out by the constant effort.

98% of people with diabetes also have at least one comorbidity and many have multiple, complicating diabetes management by reducing time, increasing stress and increasing the financial burden.

Only 50 per cent of people diagnosed are able to maintain optimal blood glucose levels – key to avoiding complications.

Diabetes WA exists to provide the right person-centred information and advice to help people know how to manage their diabetes and prevent or delay complications.

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