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Meet the Diabetes WA Telehealth & Helpline Team

Our Helpline & Telehealth team are all Credentialled Diabetes Educators, experienced health professionals who can support and assist you to best manage your diabetes. Our multi-disciplinary team of Credentialled Diabetes Educators include dietitians, nurses, exercise physiologists and pharmacists and they can provide information and advice on all aspects of diabetes care.

Meet NyareeNyaree has 18 years’ experience as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and has been at Diabetes WA for 4 years. She feels privilege to be a trusted support person and part of someone’s team that they use to help them manage their diabetes I love the variety of the role, from facilitating groups to talking to people on the phone. Nyaree was I was given a rooster as a present after she did a health promotion session with the Traditional Birth Attendants under the trees in Angola, he is called Franko.
Meet CarlyCarly has been at Diabetes WA for 2 years and is an Exercise Physiologist and Credentialled Diabetes Educator. She is passionate about supporting people living with diabetes and strongly believes there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to managing diabetes. In her spare time, you will find walking her 2 dogs or planning an active holiday!
Meet JenniferJennifer is an endorsed Nurse Practitioner and Credentialled Diabetes Educator. She is currently completing a PhD at UWA, working with people living with type 1 diabetes. Jennifer has over 10 years’ experience as a CDE and has had the privilege of working with so many different people and families for over 20 years as a registered nurse. In recent years she has worked with multidisciplinary diabetes teams across Australia, running clinical trials to test the safety and effectiveness of insulin pump and glucose sensor technology. Now as part of the DWA Telehealth team, I can again provide a diabetes education service to people living in regional WA. Jennifer is a regular trail walker in the Perth Hills.
Meet NarelleNarelle is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator with 24 years’ experience, 18 years at Diabetes WA. She is also an accredited practicing dietitian, specialising in nutrition for all people with diabetes, carbohydrate counting and flexible insulin dosing for people with type 1 diabetes. Narelle particularly enjoys helping people find ways to make their individual diabetes management easier.
Meet SherylSheryl is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator who has a long history with Diabetes WA, having worked here three times over the past 27 years. She enjoys enabling people to become more confident with the choices they make about their diabetes and feels lucky to work with a great group of like-minded people. Sheryl is known for making others in the office jealous with the smell of her tasty breakfast.
Meet ChrissieChrissie has over 17 years’ experience working in Diabetes and has actually lost count! Chrissie is a Registered Nurse and has Postgraduate Qualifications in Paediatrics and Midwifery. She loves constantly learning from people with diabetes and helping them to troubleshoot their health concerns. Chrissie has a large bank of experience and knowledge and is known as a diabetes detective – she is on the case. Chrissie loves climbing mountains, hiking, photography and travel.
Meet MarianMarian is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Credentialled Diabetes Educator. She loves seeing people with diabetes grow in confidence to manage their condition and more importantly, growing to love physical activity as much as she does. She is currently completing her PhD and can’t live without her cats, chocolate or her bike.
Meet PriscillaPriscilla grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Perth for university to study her growing passion in nutrition. Priscilla has been a Dietitian for nine years and a and a Credentialled Diabetes Educator since 2018. She had been at Diabetes WA since 2019 to provide diabetes education to clients via the Telehealth Service, our Helpline and group education workshops. Priscilla speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She likes the way that eating well makes her feel, and she enjoys helping people feel the same. Her areas of speciality include diabetes, weight management, bariatric surgery nutrition, cardiovascular disease and IBS
Meet AlisonAlison is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Accredited Pharmacist and Asthma Educator with 20 years of clinical experience. She has been at Diabetes WA for two years. Alison’s aim is to improve people’s health through the safe and effective use of medicines. She strives to be a pharmacist that guides, educates and improves self-management skills. Committed to providing individual person-centred care, Alison uses a team-based approach to maximise health outcomes.
Meet KellyKelly is a registered nurse and has also been a Credentialled Diabetes Educator for 3 years. She is interested in diabetes technology, supporting people who are newly diagnosed with type 1 and 2 diabetes, paediatric diabetes and adolescents who are transitioning to adult care. She enjoys helpline people to manage their diabetes based on their priorities and assisting people to gain the skills and knowledge to self-manage their diabetes. She enjoys yoga, has 3 dogs at home and growing up in central London meant she is learning to swim as an adult!
Meet MandyMandy is a Credentialled diabetes Educator with 8 years’ experience, 2 years at Diabetes WA. She is also an Accredited Practising Dietitian, specialising in Gestational diabetes, Eating Disorders and food intolerances. She was born in Hong Kong and migrated to Perth at the age of eight, growing up in Willetton. Mandy runs a private allied health practice in Melville with her twin sister who is a Physiotherapist and teaches piano part time.
Meet TaraTara has been a Credentialled Diabetes Educator for nine years and is also a registered nurse. “The best thing about working with Diabetes WA is the interaction with the diabetes community. It is so rewarding being able to educate others in regard to diabetes and to advocate for those living with the condition.”
Meet FarahFarah is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and is working towards becoming a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. She is interested in diabetes and carbohydrate counting and weight management. Farah enjoys supporting people to creating realistic and sustainable goals to better manage their diabetes and seeing people experience the “light bulb” moment when they understand or learn something new about diabetes. She is fluent in speaking Arabic with basic reading & writing skills and loves travelling, cooking and spending time with family & friends.
Jessica Weiss
Meet JessicaJessica has been a professional services pharmacist since 2015 and a diabetes educator since 2018. Passionate about supporting people living with diabetes and other conditions get most out of their medications, Jessica is dedicated to help people, their families and other health professionals overcome barriers and improve their confidence towards diabetes self-care. An avid horse rider, Jessica spends many weekends training or attending riding competitions. Jessica also enjoys the outdoors and takes her dog hiking and to the beach.
Meet TaraTara has been a registered pharmacist for 25 years in both community and hospital pharmacy providing advice and guidance on the safe use of medicines. The rewarding part of being diabetes educator according to Tara is helping people gain an extra skill or a piece of information that makes managing their diabetes easier. These positives outcomes drive Tara to understand how she can further support people living with diabetes and their families. Tara enjoys collaborating knowledge and experience and being part of the Diabetes WA team that works together to produce quality patient-centred outcomes. Enjoying an active lifestyle, Tara like long walks, hiking, tennis and spending time with family and friends.

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