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Customer case studies and stories highlighting Diabetes WA’s Telehealth and Helpline Services’ accomplishments and successes.

Customer Case Study: Telehealth the key for Kate’s healthy pregnancy

A gestational diabetes consumer story.

Diabetes WA Telehealth supported Kate Berry's healthy pregnancy

When Kate Berry was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (GDM) at around 20 weeks, she was initially shocked and blamed herself.

“I was a bundle of worry and tears were flowing, she says, “I felt I had done something to cause the GDM.”Kate lives in Newman, approximately 1,177km from Perth, Western Australia, and had limited access to a Credentialled Diabetes Educator.

However, after being referred to Diabetes WA Telehealth by King Edward Memorial Hospital, she soon began to relax and was able to enjoy her pregnancy, whilst managing her condition.

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Customer Case Study: Telehealth brings vital education to remote WA

A rural type 2 diabetes story. 

The Diabetes WA Helpline, in conjunction with Diabetes Telehealth (the videoconferencing education and support service for people living with diabetes in rural and remote WA), is being used as a front-line conduit to improving diabetes management and patient care in remote areas of Western Australia.

This will particularly benefit WA’s Aboriginal Medical Service, where quicker or immediate access to appointments results in much higher attendance rates and ultimately much-improved health outcomes.

A recent example of a successful consultation was with Broome Aboriginal Medical Service (BRAMS). The BRAMS Chronic Disease Nurse (CDN) contacted the Diabetes WA Helpline to request support for initiating a patient starting on insulin injections.

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Customer Case Study: Diabetes WA funds technology to reduce amputations in the Kimberley

For the first time in Australia, Diabetes WA have funded a number of ARANZ medical Silhouette Star point of care devices for Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services. With the portable point of care devices, remote healthcare providers will be able to accurately image, measure and record diabetic wound/skin healing data during assessments, and specialist care and advice can be obtained quickly via the internet no matter where they are located.

The Diabetes WA Telehealth Service will also be used in conjunction with the point of care devices. It provides adults living with diabetes in remote communities with critical information, advice and support, via video conferencing technology, and plays a vital role in keeping people in their communities and minimising family disruption.

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Customer Case Study: Telehealth service helps mum-to-be Claire

A gestational diabetes consumer story. 

Cowaramup mum Claire Hubbard says that Diabetes Telehealth saved her a lot of stress during her recent pregnancy.

She was able to cope with her new way of life through weekly telehealth sessions that she held with a diabetes educator in Perth at Diabetes WA, using videoconferencing on her home computer. “Being able to speak to June every week was a massive confidence boost and it was really nice that it was the one person I spoke to every week, as June was really reassuring. I could call her any time and ask anything, and she would put my mind at ease.”

Without Telehealth, Claire would not have had access to regular diabetes support and information.

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Customer Case Study: How Telehealth education changed Kylie’s life.

A type 2 diabetes consumer story. 


Paraburdoo resident Kylie Beck says her life has changed “heaps” since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in February. And it is good change.

Beck, 34, has been having diabetes education sessions with a Diabetes WA (DWA) educator using telehealth services at Paraburdoo Hospital and says life has improved for her whole family. The most significant change is that she now knows what sugar and junk food does to her, and how diabetes affects so many parts of her body.

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Customer Case Study: Distance no barrier for diabetes


Out of the 123,000 Western Australians currently living with diabetes, over 28 per cent reside outside major cities, and many report difficulty accessing crucial specialised diabetes information and support services close to home.

The Diabetes Telehealth Service for Country WA, which commenced in January 2015 and is delivered by Diabetes WA, was designed to fill the gap in regional and remote Western Australia where health services were limited or did not exist. Two years on, the valuable benefits of this service are immeasurable.

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