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Managing your diabetes involves daily decisions on what to eat. These decisions begin not at mealtime, but in the aisles of your supermarket.

Knowing what to put in your shopping trolley is the first step to ensuring your meals and snacks meet your dietary requirements.

But do you really know what is going into your shopping trolley? How do you choose which loaf of bread to buy? What will that bolognaise sauce do to your BGLs?

ShopSmart is a short program that teaches you how to decipher food labels so you will be able to make the best food choices for yourself.

ShopSmart covers:

  • healthy eating, as recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • how to make decisions about the product from the list of ingredients
  • how to make sense of the numbers in the nutrition information panel
  • how to choose foods suitable for you, based on a product’s nutrition information panel
  • what the Glycaemic Index is and how to use it.

You’ll be learning from real life examples and you’ll also be given a tool – the Super Card – that will help you on your next trip to the supermarket.

By the end of the program you’ll be more confident in identifying a product’s ingredients and making decisions about their  likely impact on your blood glucose levels, ultimately allowing you to better manage your diabetes and your overall wellbeing.

This program is run in two formats. For those who like to walk and talk, ShopSmart Supermarket Tour does exactly what the name suggests. Hosted at a supermarket near you, this workshop will take you on a tour of the aisles and give you the opportunity to take a closer look at the products you put in your trolley.

For those who like learning in a more traditional setting, there is ShopSmart. This is conducted as a group education session, meaning you can sit down while you learn. It is perfect for people who are not able to take part in a walking tour of a supermarket or who just prefer a quieter setting in which to learn.

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