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Annual Cycle of Care

The Annual Cycle of Care is a tool designed to help you and your healthcare team keep your diabetes care on track.

Developed with your doctor, your Annual Cycle of Care is a document that gives details of your diabetes management strategies, goals and targets. It also serves as a reminder as to when you are due for important tests, such as eye tests or kidney function tests.

Diabetes changes over time, so what helps you manage your diabetes today may not be as effective next year. Regularly revisiting your Annual Cycle of Care with your doctor will allow you to discuss adjustments to your care, which in turn can help to identify problems early on and reduce your risk of serious complications.

Your Annual Cycle of Care can include information on your:

  • blood glucose levels (BGLs) and target ranges
  • BMI and weight
  • HbA1c and target ranges
  • blood pressure and target ranges
  • cholesterol and target ranges
  • eye health
  • foot health
  • kidney function
  • current diet and future healthy eating goals
  • current physical activity levels and future goals
  • smoking status and plans for quitting (if you smoke).

Speak to your GP about drawing up an Annual Cycle of Care.

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