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Kellion Victory Award

Australians who have lived with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes for 50 years or more are eligible for a Kellion Victory Award.

Each year during National Diabetes Week in July, Diabetes WA hosts a presentation event that recognises Western Australians who have lived full lives with the condition.

Carers of Kellion recipients are also eligible to receive a recognition award.


Diabetes WA encourages doctors, healthcare professionals and individuals to nominate likely recipients. Substantiating information is not always easy to obtain and proposers are asked to assist by providing copies of records and/or dates of diagnosis or initial hospital admission where possible.

If you wish to receive the medal or nominate someone for the Kellion Victory or Carers Award, please download and fill in the Kellion Victory Medal 2021 application form, email our community engagement team or call us on 1300 001 880 for more information.

All applications are evaluated by the Kellion Victory Medal Committee.

To learn more about the Kellion Victory Award and the Kellion Medal please visit Diabetes Australia.

Nominations have now closed for 2021.


Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for a Kellion Award?
Any person who has been living with diabetes for 50, 60, 70 or 75 years and carers who have helped these people through their diabetes journey.

Who can submit a nomination?
You can nominate yourself if you are eligible or a friend or family member, Doctor, healthcare professional, or diabetes associations and support groups can nominate likely recipients.

What is the Kellion Carers Award?
The Kellion Carers Award recognises the many years of love, dedication and support to a spouse, family member, close friend or health care professional has provided to someone living with diabetes. When you submit your own Kellion nomination, you are optionally able to submit a Carers Award nomination as well.

How do I nominate myself or someone I know for a Kellion Victory Award or Kellion Carers Award?
Fill out the application form online, or print and send it to us at community@diabeteswa.com.au.

When is the award ceremony held?
The award ceremony is held annually during National Diabetes Week.

How did the awards begin?
In 1982 Dr Alan Stocks, from Brisbane, wanted a way to recognise and commemorate Australians who have survived a lifetime of living with diabetes. Dr Stocks proposed that an award be presented to those who have lived with diabetes for 50, 60, 70 or more years.

When do nominations close?
Nominations have now closed.

Who is the Kellion Awards named after?
Mr. Claude Kellion AM for his outstanding contribution towards diabetes in Australia.

Who is Professor Stephen Twigg?
With your permission, Professor Stephen Twigg may access your medical records to verify your eligibility for a Kellion Victory Medal, especially if you cannot remember your diabetes diagnosis date. You can read more about Professor Stephen Twigg on his University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health profile page.




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