Diabetes WA

Supporting self-care

To help people living with diabetes avoid life-changing diabetes complications, international guidelines recommend a minimum of 10 hours of self-management education to help improve diabetes management.

It is the role of health professionals to refer patients to the best available services to help them manage their condition well – giving them the tools to live a full life without diabetes complications. Diabetes WA provides a full range of services and support to help you support your patient manage their condition.

Access to NDSS support. Diabetes WA is the Western Australian provider for the Commonwealth Government’s National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) which provides access to FREE diabetes self-management programs and subsidised products and supplies.

Every diagnosed person should be registered for the NDSS. Find out why here.

Managing diabetes is hard and requires sustained commitment to healthy eating, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, taking medication, and regular medical check-ups, as well as problem-solving and healthy coping.

  • It’s estimated people face up to 180 extra diabetes-related decisions every day.
  • 37% feel burnt out by the constant effort.
  • Only about half of people achieve adequate management of blood glucose levels, putting them at increased risk of complications.

How Diabetes WA helps you support your patients

Studies show that Diabetes WA programs are effective in activating participants to better manage their diabetes self-care.

When people feel activated and less ‘diabetes distress’ they can better deal with their self-care activities, take part in decisions about their treatment, and work together with their health professionals to proactively manage their diabetes. Well managed blood glucose levels significantly reduces the risk of complications. Read about how our person-centered, evidence-based programs work here.



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