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Diabetes WA Helpline and Telehealth services

Information for Health Professionals

The Diabetes WA Helpline and Telehealth Service provides comprehensive access to personalised diabetes management advice and support from a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. The service combines two distinct and separate services – a free Helpline for all Western Australians and a free clinical telehealth consultation service for people living in rural and remote areas of Western Australia.

Diabetes WA Helpline Service

The helpline service is manned by Credentialled Diabetes Educators who provide information, immediate advice, support and counselling to people with diabetes, and their carers, support workers and health professionals from both metropolitan and regional WA.
If a caller to the helpline is from regional WA and needs extended clinical support, they will be offered a free consultation with our Credentialled Diabetes Educator through telehealth (videoconferencing) at a time of their choosing, at either their health professional’s practice or in their own home.  Health professionals and clinicians can also refer patients directly into the telehealth service.

Diabetes WA Telehealth Service for Regional WA

The telehealth consultation service is manned by a multi-disciplinary team of Credentialled Diabetes Educators with backgrounds in nursing, dietetics, pharmacy and exercise physiology. The telehealth service provides information and support to people with diabetes, and their carers, support workers and health professionals from regional WA.

There is no cost for your patients to access the telehealth service. It is funded outside Medicare, so it does not take up any of the five rebatable allied health visits accessed through a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement. The Diabetes WA telehealth services works in partnership with local GPs and healthcare professionals, so if your patient attends an appointment alone, we will arrange to follow up with you afterwards to ensure you are kept in the loop.

Established in 2014 for country WA, clinical telehealth consultations are currently only available to regional patients. The service can be especially valuable if your patient can’t make it to see you in person because of illness, self-isolation and it supports your relationship with your patient by following up with you after a telehealth consultation.

Reasons why you would refer a patient

Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators can provide education and support on a range of topics. All referrals are welcome, however please not that referrals are triaged and priority will be given to patients requiring the following support:

  1. Sick day advice and resources (we anticipate that not all people with diabetes will have a current sick day plan or feel confident to independently manage their condition during times of illness or distress).
  2. Back up planning if diabetes product supply, such as insulin pump consumables, is interrupted.
  3. Diabetes management for frail or vulnerable members of the community who have been advised to self-isolate.
  4. Starting insulin use or other injectable therapy (for patients with type 2 diabetes)
  5. Gestational diabetes management.

You can read how telehealth works from a patient’s point of view here. For other enquiries please call 1300 001 880 or contact us via email.

To refer

  • Your patient can telephone us directly on 1300 001 880 and we’ll make sure we follow up with you if they attend a telehealth consultation.
  • Or complete the referral form and email it to us at, or fax to 9221 1183.

Telephone 1300 001 880
8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday



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