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On Sunday 4 February Jenn was again featured on Red FM’s FIFO Life program, this time busting some diabetes myths. Click here to listen.


On Sunday 21 January Jenn Sweeting represented Diabetes WA on Red FM’s “FIFO Life” radio show. Click here to listen to the interview.

Jenn is our Pilbara Diabetes Management Strategy Coordinator, responsible for coordinating interactive workshops in the Pilbara to support people with, or at risk of, type 2 diabetes.

“We know that rates of diabetes are higher in the Pilbara, especially as the population ages,” Jenn said when asked why Diabetes WA is focusing efforts in the region. She explained that while there are a number of type 2 diabetes risk factors that you can’t control, such as genetics and age, there are also some risk factors that you can manage.

Diabetes WA has trained health professionals in the Pilbara to deliver type 2 diabetes education programs and prevention programs, which are available in Tom Price, Karratha, South Hedland and (soon) Newman.

The DESMOND workshop is designed to empower people living with type 2 diabetes by putting them in the driver’s seat to self-manage their diabetes, and providing information and practical strategies on healthy food choices, physical activity and medications. The Walking Away program is for people at risk of type 2 diabetes, and provides a space for participants to share information and explore strategies to minimise their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Both workshops are provided for free with the support of the WA Primary Health Alliance.

The next Pilbara DESMOND workshops are on 21 February in South Hedland, and 1 March in Tom Price. Keep an eye on our “What’s On” page for other sessions, or call us on 1300 001 880 to find out more.

On 4 February Jenn will again be on FIFO Life talking about diabetes myths.

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