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Diabetes remission is achievable for some people with type 2 diabetes and should be considered as part of their individual approach to care, but in Australia, the consumer experience is one of great confusion.

Diabetes WA surveyed over 2000 Western Australians living with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) to understand the diabetes community’s thoughts around remission, if they think it’s possible or worth striving for and if they have discussed remission with their health professionals.

Results highlight although 75% of survey respondents were not stressed about the concept of T2DM being a progressive condition; most said the possibility of diabetes remission gave them a feeling of hope. However, what was worrying is two thirds wrongly believed that diabetes remission is possible for everyone.

Diabetes remission is currently absent from Australian health professional clinical guidelines. Despite this, two thirds of consumers were told by their health professional that diabetes remission is possible, leaving 1 in 3 being told it wasn’t possible or their health professional was unsure. Conflicting definitions of diabetes remission in published studies combined with this lack of guidelines may be in part responsible for the lack of consensus between health professionals but this needs further exploration.

Growth and Innovation General Manager Sophie McGough from Diabetes WA said they would like to see credible, consistent and consumer friendly Australian guidelines. “It is important that we address the evolving science of diabetes remission but also remind people with type 2 diabetes to be cautious of claims by unregulated parties that diabetes remission can be achieved by everyone.”

Dr Greg Ong, endocrinologist and co-author agrees.  “We found it very positive that remission gives people living with type 2 diabetes hope. We need to support our health professionals to actively consider remission as a treatment goal in appropriate circumstance, and have productive conversations about this with consumers.”

Armed with this clear message from its consumers, Diabetes WA is calling for a commitment from our State and Commonwealth Health Ministers to support the recommendations from this report and appropriately fund interventions that help those consumers who can achieve type 2 diabetes remission, to achieve it.

To download your copy of the Type 2 Diabetes Remission Report visit this link: Diabetes WA Diabetes Remission Report - October 2021 - Diabetes WA

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