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We all know that exercise and meditation are great for mental health, but did you know that so is art, craft, singing, movement and drama? Engaging in art therapy and creativity, irrespective of ability, can improve mental and physical health, enhance and build social connections and boost confidence and self-worth. Better still, there is a multitude of organisations and community groups offering art and creative based programs for improving mental and emotional wellbeing.

Creativity on Prescription offers a selection of mental health self-care courses, including their 8 weeks ReMind course, which helps you to develop and sustain a daily practise for mental wellbeing, improving self-awareness and increasing resilience and tolerance. They also have a great range of 1-hour single-session courses and programs to choose from.

“This program changed my life. I felt so respected and have finished with a much clearer understanding of my anxiety and what I need each day to keep it in check. It was so playful, fun, supportive and my confidence is so much better.”

Arts on Prescription is another organisation that uses art to focus on health and wellness needs for ageing consumers. Their engaging and hands-on workshops include visual arts, creative movement, music and drama to improve participants mental and physical health and encourage them to develop new skills.

To find out more, visit both Creativity on Prescription and Arts on Prescription, and be sure to watch both short videos.

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