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Wondering if you should make the swap from a beef patty to a plant-based patty on your next burger?

In supermarkets today, plant-based burger patties are made from a variety of ingredients including vegetable protein (soy and pea protein), salt, oil, flavours and thickener. Natural colours from beetroot, carrot and paprika have been added to make the patties appear more ‘beef-like’.  Classic beef patties contain mostly beef mince (85%) mixed with flour, salt, vegetable oil, herbs and spices.

How does a plant-based patty compare to a burger patty?

So…… which one is better?

As you can see, both the plant-based patty and meat patty contain a similar amount of energy, protein and fat, as well as cost per serve. This may surprise you, as often plant based meat alternatives are promoted as a healthier and cheaper option.  It depends on your taste preference as to which one you should choose. The beef patties will have more iron and the plant patties more fibre, however nutritionally they are both fairly similar. A healthier option would be to make your own patties at home using low fat beef mince and veggies, or chickpeas, tofu or other veggies to create a plant based patty.

Check out the Live Lighter beef burger recipe or veggie burger recipe for a healthy way to make your own burgers.

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