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The Quality Collective (QC), a subsidiary of Diabetes WA, is a not-for-profit research and evaluation centre located within the heart of Subiaco. The QC are multidisciplinary team of researchers and evaluators with extensive experience in the co-ordination and delivery of local and national projects. QC collaborate with external researchers, service providers and government departments to undertake evaluation and research projects across diverse areas of health, including: medicine, public health, epidemiology, psychology, pharmacology, education and cardio-metabolic health. The QC offer a full range of evaluation services, including formative and summative evaluation, as well as consultation with external businesses to build in-house evaluation capacity.

The QC was founded on the notion that meaningful translational evaluation and research arises from collaboration between academia and front-line service providers. The QC have invested in recruiting an in-house team of evaluators and researchers that are able to partner with academia, speak the language of both the academic and the service provider, and in doing so bridge the divide that separates research and practice.

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Our approach to evaluation is rigorous and scientifically sound, but also practical and realistic, ensuring outcomes are tangible and can be translated in to quality improvement, service delivery planning, advocacy or policy change. The QC offer a range of services, including formative, process and summative evaluations, as well as consultancy to support in house evaluations. The QC deliver personalised and scientifically rigorous methodology to ensure outcomes are appropriate and meaningful.


Our team collaborate with researchers from universities and research centres across Australia on a diverse range of projects. The approach we take to collaboration is aimed at increasing the involvement of service providers in academic research and to improve translation and knowledge sharing.

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