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Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement

We work to build capacity in staff within your organisation to think evaluatively and achieve sustainable improvements in quality.


Grant Proposal Writing and Support

Grant proposal writing and support

The Quality Collective can provide advice and support, prepare complete draft submissions or sections of an overall proposal or critically evaluate your draft proposal prior to submission.

Literature Review

Literature Review .

We are equipped to do a full systematic literature review or a narrative literature review on research questions and topics related to your work. We will find the evidence available, evaluate it’s quality.

Data Analysis

Data analyses

Our team has a expertise in quantitative and qualitative data analyses; we can help you turn the abundance of numbers and words into meaningful outcomes that tell a story.

Stakeholder and Consumer Engagement

Stakeholder and consumer engagement

The Quality Collective can support you to effectively engage with stakeholders and consumers, help organising and managing processes that include stakeholder and community engagement.

Focus Groups and interviewing

Focus Groups and interviews

The Quality Collective can work with you to plan interviews, identifying key objectives, facilitate interviews and conduct qualitive analysis of the data.

Survey Design

Survey design

A high-quality survey produces reliable and valid data that can be used for many purposes. We can help you ask the right questions that are designed specifically to match your needs and/or use validated scales.

Evaluation Planning

Evaluation planning

The Quality Collective can help you to develop an evaluation plan that will ensure all your project objectives are appropriately assessed. This plan documents how you will monitor and evaluate your program.

About Us

The Quality Collective, a subsidiary of Diabetes WA, is a not-for-profit evaluation consultancy service. We are a team of specialist evaluators and researchers with applied and academic backgrounds, and a breadth of knowledge and experience across the health sector.

We are skilled in all aspects of evaluation and work with local, national, and international partners. We offer a full range of evaluation services, including training and development.

The Quality Collective was founded to address the need for meaningful and affordable evaluation support across the health and not-for-profit sectors, delivered by highly skilled consultants who understand the realities of front-line service provision.

Our approach to evaluation is rigorous and innovative, but also pragmatic and realistic. We deliver services tailored to your organisation’s needs, to ensure outcomes can be translated for real world impact and contribute to continuous quality improvement.


Our approach to evaluation is rigorous and scientifically sound, but also practical and realistic, ensuring outcomes are tangible and can be translated in to quality improvement, service delivery planning, advocacy or policy change. The QC offer a range of services, including formative, process and summative evaluations, as well as consultancy to support in house evaluations. The QC deliver personalised and scientifically rigorous methodology to ensure outcomes are appropriate and meaningful.


Our team collaborate with researchers from universities and research centres across Australia on a diverse range of projects. The approach we take to collaboration is aimed at increasing the involvement of service providers in academic research and to improve translation and knowledge sharing.

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