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With summer 20-21 likely to be another scorcher, many of us will be retreating indoors to escape the extreme heat.  Hot weather, especially when part of a prolonged heatwave, can make it difficult to spend any time outdoors, let alone get motivated to move and exercise. But it doesn’t have to be so.

Don’t let the summer heat get in the way of maintaining your exercise regime over the holiday period – or starting a new one if part of your New Year’s resolutions!! Here are our tips and ideas for fitting in your exercise during the hotter months:

  1. Start early

With the day starting a little earlier in summer, take the opportunity to wake up early and take advantage of the cooler temperatures in the morning. A pleasant walk or a morning yoga session is the perfect way to start the day.

  1. Wear the right gear

If you are exercising out in the sun make sure that you slip, slop, slap and always use 30+ SPF water-resistant sunscreen. Try to go for fabrics that wick away the sweat and draw the moisture away from your body, as these fabrics will help your body regulate its temperature.

  1. Stay hydrated

Keep sipping on water. It is very important to stay hydrated when exercising in the summer’s heat. Ensure that you hydrate before, during and after your workout. Always have a water bottle on you when you are exercising, and drink often.

  1. Mix up your workout and take it to the pool

If it is too hot to go for your usual brisk walk or run you might want to take your workout to the beach or the nearest pool. Swimming is a great whole-body aerobic exercise that keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the stress off your body. The perfect form of exercise for those really hot days.

  1. Take advantage of the weather and try something new

If swimming isn’t your thing then you might want to get creative and try something different during the summer months. Why not learn how to stand up paddleboard or kayak, take part in aqua aerobics classes or jump on a bike and cycle around the Swan or Canning Rivers or along with one of our State’s gorgeous coastline cycle tracks.

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