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Feeling better, staying active, eating well, reducing your reliance on medication, managing your BGLS…to reach your goals, you need support every step of the way. Finding the right team of skilled health professionals, and supportive family and friends, will help you manage your diabetes and get the most out of the health care services available to you.

Many people can be part of your health care team to help you live well with diabetes. Your own “Team Diabetes” should include a variety of health care providers who each play a role in your health. And of course, the management of diabetes does not solely consist of drug treatment, i.e. medication and insulin. It can be very complicated with lifestyle management, diet and exercise regime to be prescribed. There are side-effects from medication and particular benefits to consider. It’s important to take into account the mental, physical, medical health and wellbeing considerations of your condition.

Who you see and how often varies from person to person and depends on how long you have lived with diabetes. When first diagnosed for example, you may need more support and input from your health care professionals. At certain times of your life you may need further support – such as pregnancy or as you grow older. People with type 2 diabetes may need more input from health care professionals if their condition progresses and management needs change. People with type 1 diabetes may want to discuss their current management with their endocrinologist to have someone to bounce ideas off. You may want to change your pump or CGM or find out about a new option for management.

There are a number of health professionals who you may need to see regularly, and others who you might call on or be referred to at times. Many of their roles overlap, but each person has their own area of expertise and training. And then there is the support network of family and friends who are just as essential to your wellbeing.

So, who is on your team?



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