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The DWA raffle is due to be drawn on 12 September 2014. Don't miss out - the first prize is a massive $10,000.

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Strong Culture Grants Scheme now open

WA schools, youth centres & community groups can apply to run Aboriginal education programs. Closes 19 Sept.

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Diabetes WA is here for your health journey

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Understanding diabetes

Diabetes WA's Helen Mitchell explains diabetes in this 12-minute video on the West Australian's H+M website.

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The NDSS provides free or subsidised products and services

Living with diabetes? Register with the NDSS for assistance in managing diabetes. 600 outlets around WA.

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No matter where you are on your journey, Diabetes WA can help

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Quick & Easy Online Shopping

Purchase all of your NDSS diabetes-related products any time of the day, from the comfort of home!

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DWA News

22 July 2014

Inspiring others with 750 years of experience

Annual Kellion Victory Awards 2014 - 15 West Australian recognised.

14 July 2014

Diabetes diagnosis the start of life-long healt...

National Diabetes Week - Here for your health journey.

20 June 2014

Mundella EveryWoman Expo

Here's a wrap up of our experience at the EveryWoman Expo in June.

18 June 2014

Changes to DVA Health Cards

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) is pleased to advise of recent changes to the DVA Gold, White and Orange Health Cards.

28 May 2014

Technology and Diabetes

Making sense of health insurance and insulin pumps

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General News

2014-04-23 Mandurah Mail

Peel woman runs for a reason

MORGAN Payne has found her reason to run in one of HBF’s biggest fundraising events.

2014-04-02 Wanneroo Weekender

Running for cause close to her heart

CONNOLLY teenager Britney Frost is raising money and awareness to help fellow diabetes sufferers by taking part in the 2014 HBF Run for a Reason.

2014-01-20 Endocrinology Update

Google has its eye on smart lens for diabetes

Finger pricks may be a thing of the past for people with diabetes if google’s latest development becomes a reality.

2014-01-20 The Medical News

Eating high levels of flavonoids found in berries, tea, and chocolate offer protection from type 2 diabetes

Eating high levels of flavonoids including anthocyanins and other compounds (found in berries, tea, and chocolate) could offer protection from type 2 diabetes - according to research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and King's College London.

2013-02-25 In My Community

Rottnest Swim winner knew it would be hard

HALF an hour in to the 2013 Rottnest Channel Swim, solo winner Jeremy Brooke-Smith knew it was going to be a “hard day at the office”.

2013-02-14 e! Science News

Gene Therapy Cures Diabetic Dogs In Only One Shot

2013-02-13 Better Homes and Gardens

Managing your mood

Unexpected mood swings may be a fact of life with diabetes, but knowing what triggers them is the first step towards climbing off the

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